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Dayworker swipes felines from animal shelter

August 7th, 2015 9:17 am by Rain Smith

Dayworker swipes felines from animal shelter

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of area police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Aug. 3

A Bristol woman called police on her daughter, complaining that she "has her creams and won't give them back."

A welfare check was requested after a woman was "screaming at her kids" at a local discount store. Before departing, she had allegedly "smacked" the young boys.

Aug. 4

A woman arrived at her Shipley Ferry Road home on lunch break, spotting a man taking mail from her mailbox. When she "yelled at him" he put it back, then walked away. Police responded and located the suspect, who admitted to "looking at someone's mail, but not taking it." He was warned that he had committed a criminal offense, would be charged if it occurred again.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Aug. 3

A deputy stopped to check on a van stopped along Old Highway 11-W, with two people saying they were "looking for their keys." The officer drove away and parked nearby, soon spotting the same vehicle pull into a church parking lot. Upon making contact with the occpuants for a second time, they "could not give a valid reason" for their actions. A consent search located a pill in the passenger seat. It was identified as Buprenorphine, they both were arrested for drug possession.

Aug. 4

A noise awakened a Bulls Gap man from his nap, with him spotting a woman running out his front door. He then discovered items missing from the pocket of his shorts: $150 cash, Suboxone.

A Mooresburg woman called police after her intoxicated son, 18, struck her with a board. She was transported to the hospital with a possibly broken elbow, while the suspect was found "passed out on the side of the road." A baggie of pot was "sticking out of his shirt pocket." He was arrested for assault, public intoxication and simple possession.

Aug 5.

A woman told police that a man had hit her with a pool stick at a Rogersville home, the spit in her face. The suspect's stepsister corroborated the account, adding that she had also been assaulted by her stepfather. No injuries were observed, they were advised to pursue private prosecution.

The owner of a Rogersville store reported "two packages" of lottery tickets had been stolen from behind the counter, but a review of surveillance footage was inconclusive in tabbing a suspect. At another local convenience store, someone later attempted to cash in a winning, stolen ticket.

Kingsport Police Department

Aug. 4

Walmart loss prevention observed a man rolling approximately $2,000 worth of unpurchased baby formula out of the store. When personnel attempted to stop the suspect, he threw some of the items into a car, jumped in the passenger seat and ordered the female driver to go. They successfully fled with $625 worth of Similac, the rest was recovered.

Police were called to the animal shelter on Idle Hour Road, where a non-violent offender had been sentenced to the "day worker" program. According to professional shelter personnel, the man had stolen three cats and two pet carriers, keeping one feline for himself and giving the others away. He was issued a citation for theft under $500. Initial attempts to locate a recipient of the other cats proved unsuccessful. A police report does not specify if animals were returned, adopted out or eventually euthanized.

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