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Sleeping driver crashes into Walmart

August 11th, 2015 12:02 pm by Rain Smith

Sleeping driver crashes into Walmart

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of area police agencies.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Aug. 7

A man returned home from work to find his television missing. When questioned by the victim, a stepson admitted that he had “borrowed” the TV, adding that he wasn’t going to return it.

After making threats about killing his wife, an intoxicated Rogersville man “poured gasoline on one of the couple’s vehicles.” His statements about “burning it to the ground” were apparently a bluff, but he did crash into a tree when attempting to drive away. He then fled the scene on foot, couldn’t be immediately located.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Aug. 6

A concrete “goose flower pot” was reported stolen from a yard in Piney Flats.

While attempting to retrieve his belongings from a Kingsport mobile home, a man was allegedly stabbed by a woman. The suspect admitted wielding the weapon “to protect herself,” but claimed the slices she inflicted were unintentional. She was arrested for aggravated assault.

Aug. 7

An officer was asked to check on a man along Bloomingdale Road: “sitting against the mailbox....his legs are on the white lines.”

In a parking lot along Highway 75, a deputy located a woman asleep inside of a running vehicle. She had also left a sunroof and windows open as it rained, allowing her and the interior to get wet. Once awakened she “admitted to drinking a baby bottle of alcohol,” then performed poorly on field sobriety tests. She was arrested for DUI.

Aug. 8

A woman reported her husband had been “acting weird” and was possibly on drugs. He had allegedly removed fuses from her vehicle to prevent her from leaving, then swung nunchucks at another family member. Attempts to locate the suspect were not successful, but a warrant was obtained for domestic assault.

Dispatch was alerted to a suspicious black man at a store on Bristol Caverns Highway, "a rebel flag across his shoulders." He reportedly tried to get one customer to buy him beer, was refusing to leave.

Kingsport Police Department

Aug. 6

Police were alerted to intoxicated visitors in the drive thru of a city restaurant: “The driver showed her ID for a Whopper.”

Aug. 7

Two parents were allegedly fighting outside of a city elementary school, where “one car has blocked in another.” An officer responded, but the combatants could not be located.

As a man drove through Colonial Heights, his girlfriend told him that their “relationship wasn’t going to last.” When he responded by calling her names, she attempted to exit his vehicle at a red light.  He allegedly pulled her back inside and sped away, “then threw hot coffee all over the left side of her body.” Further down the road she successfully fled his car and sought help at a business, where he pulled into the parking lot.  An officer responded and arrested him for aggravated assault.

Shortly after 1 p.m., a Ford Focus failed to stop at the end of a parking aisle outside of Walmart on Fort Henry Drive.  It traveled onto the sidewalk and through a row of shopping carts, then slammed into the side of the building. The impact was so strong that it deployed the car's airbags and caused disabling damage. The driver, 19, told a responding officer that she “may have fallen asleep,” then passed field sobriety tests and was cleared by EMS. A report says that due to the incident occurring on private property, no citation was issued.

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