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Knife-wielding man Tasered in car dealership

August 25th, 2015 10:58 am by Rain Smith

Knife-wielding man Tasered in car dealership

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of area police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office

Aug. 21

At a Piney Flats auto repair shop, a disgruntled client was allegedly refusing to leave, threatening the owner and “disturbing other customers.”

A Bristol resident called police about their neighbors, who were shooting guns at watermelons.

Aug. 22

A Kingsport resident called police after a trash can was thrown into his storm door, breaking the glass. He looked out to see a car driving from the scene.

At a market on Highway 126, a man confronted a motorist about his reckless driving. When the alleged speeder told a female companion to “get his gun from the car,” the men’s altercation turned physical. As the two exchanged blows, the woman jumped on the victim’s back and hit him. The suspects then hopped in their car and drove from the scene, but a responding officer quickly spotted them nearby. An attempted traffic stop was unsuccessful, as the driver sped away and a pursuit was terminated for public safety. An investigation is continuing.

Aug. 22

Despite being warned, a woman in the grandstands at Bristol Motor Speedway kept taking off her shirt. She was escorted out by police.

Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office

Aug. 20

A Church Hill woman claimed that a neighbor had pulled her recently planted trees out of the ground. No motive was provided.

Kingsport Police Department

Aug. 19

Police responded to a robbery at an apartment complex on East Stone drive, finding a man lying in the parking lot with injuries to his head. The victim said he had arrived to take his girlfriend’s children to school, and greeted two men who were outside. As he walked up the stairs he was hit in the back of the head and fell, with his keys then snatched from his pocket. When the robbers attempted to enter his vehicle the owner intervened, leading to him being attacked for a second time. The suspects then ran away. Subsequent investigation positively identified the men, who were located and arrested for especially aggravated robbery.

Aug. 21

Dispatch was alerted to a man in an East Stone Drive car dealership “threatening the employees with a knife.” Upon police arrival, a distressed sales employee motioned that the suspect was behind him, with the man then ordered to remove his hands from his pockets. He initially complied with the officer, but then “became aggressive” and repeatedly screamed “I’m not under arrest!” Police also spotted that he had a 10-inch, fixed blade knife in a carrying sheath. After continuing to be confrontational, he was eventually Tasered and handcuffed. Interviews with multiple witnesses relayed that “the entire staff” had attempted to help him purchase a vehicle, but he continually got irate when asked about insurance and other documents that were needed. Right before police were called, he had “lunged” at a salesman to try and antagonize a fight, then paced back and forth with his hand behind his back, on the handle of the knife. He was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Aug. 22

Employees of a city restaurant suspected a patron was intoxicated in the drive-thru: “been at the speaker for about five minutes, haven’t ordered anything.”

Aug. 23

Officers responded to a city home after a man told dispatch that his wife had stabbed him in the arm. It reportedly occurred as she accused him of cheating on her. He was treated at the scene by EMS, she was arrested for aggravated assault.

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