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Naked trail excursion nets arrest

August 27th, 2015 3:24 pm by Rain Smith

Naked trail excursion nets arrest

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of area police agencies.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Aug. 22

On Highway 11-W in Rogersville, police spotted a sedan heading west in eastbound lanes — forcing a deputy traveling in the proper direction to swerve to avoid a head-on collision. A pair of officers eventually got the vehicle stopped by boxing it in with their patrol cars, finding the female driver with a strong odor of alcohol. She also thought she was in Kingsport. She was arrested on her third offense of DUI.

A man told police that as he was sitting around a fire at a party, another individual "put his arms around him" and said "they were going over in the field to fight." When the order was refused, the complainant was punched in the face, breaking his jaw in two places.

Aug. 25

A deputy clocked a Ford Mustang at 91 mph on Highway 66 South. When a traffic stop was attempted, according to an incident report, the driver "began spinning the tires ... caused rubber from the vehicle to strike my unit." Shortly thereafter the car did stop on Greenland Drive. However, the operator stepped out before placing the transmission into park, leading the car to "roll unattended into a nearby yard." He admitted to drinking, performed poorly on field sobriety tests, and was found to be driving on an expired license. He was arrested.

Kingsport Police Department

Aug. 25

The owner of a local trucking company reported embezzlement from an employee. The suspect had reportedly used the business debit card at least four times for their own personal use, racking up $1,400 in unauthorized purchases.

Aug. 26

The city fire department and police were called to a fire along the Greenbelt, where someone had set several boards and trash ablaze. It was quickly extinguished, with no suspects located or evidence to process.

A patient in a local emergency room told police he had heard someone outside his back door, then walked out to "confront" the unknown man. A fight ensued, with the resident struck by a wrench multiple times. Bruising was observed on his arms and legs, with him saying he eventually overpowered the man to take away his weapon. The suspect then ran away.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Aug. 25

Shortly before noon, a woman called police to Holston View Dam Road, reporting an incident of indecent exposure. While traversing a trail near the Weir Dam recreation area with her dog, she encountered a completely nude man "standing in front of her" and touching himself. A responding officer located a suspect nearby, and clothed, with him initially claiming that he had "attempted to urinate," but never disrobed. Upon further questioning, he fessed up to being naked and touching himself in front of the victim, spurring his arrest and transport to jail.

Aug. 26

A pair of bicyclists on Flatwoods Road encountered a loose "large white pit bull." As the dog began chasing them, one rider pulled out a .22 caliber pistol and fired a shot. The animal ceased its pursuit, but soon a van passed the bicycles and "cut them off," forcing them to stop. Two men exited the vehicle, one wielding a large stick and angry about the dog being fired upon. An officer later located one of the van's occupants at a nearby residence. He proved to be "extremely uncooperative," claiming that he did not know the other individual who was with him, but no longer present. Police took no action.

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