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Hagan Dentistry offers family dental solutions

August 31st, 2015 5:30 pm by Debra McCown

Hagan Dentistry offers family dental solutions

KINGSPORT, Tenn. – While providing dental care to families at his practice in Colonial Heights, Dr. Andrew Hagan has set up an innovative solution for affordable care: a dental plan that cuts out the insurance company middle man while covering preventive care and providing unlimited discounts on dental work.

“It’s like a membership program here in our office,” Hagan said. “We call it Quality Dental Plan. Members pay a small fee and, as a part of the fee, they get two cleanings a year, two exams, all the necessary x-rays, a whitening service on their teeth, as well as a discount if they do need fillings, crowns, dentures or other dental treatment.”

As an added benefit to families, Dr. Hagan said, the membership fee is smaller for additional family members once the initial member joins. Also, there are no exclusions or waiting periods for the dental discount. Even cosmetic dental work is included.

Since employers have cut back on dental insurance and retirees sometimes go without coverage, he said, he’s worked hard to find innovative solutions like this to help people access the dental care they need for an affordable price.

“We’ve tried to keep it reasonable for families,” he said, explaining that getting regular preventive care leads to long-term savings, especially since dental problems are much easier and less expensive to treat when they’re caught early.

Hagan, who purchased a longtime Colonial Heights dental practice four years ago, prides himself on being welcoming to families. Often, his patients include more than one generation of a family, including kids, parents and grandparents.

“We take time to know our patients and spend time with them,” he said. “It’s satisfying for us to get to know the whole family and help each person, regardless of their age, with the specific dental needs that they have at that time of their life.”

For young children, he said, the friendly staff at Hagan Dentistry focuses on prevention and education. They also strive to make sure that children have a good experience at the dental office.

“Really the goal is preventing the problems from developing to begin with. That can really cut back on the amount of dental work a child needs, and can save them lots of money over the course of a lifetime,” he said.

“We discuss diet, proper care and good habits for dental health. We also talk to parents about growth and development and what to expect as their kids get older – changes that come from when baby teeth transition to adult teeth – and discuss if kids need braces and other things like that.”

As teens, the focus continues to be on prevention. Hagan Dentistry encourages young patients to take responsibility for their own oral health – and help them to understand the value in it.

“Let’s face it: parents aren’t able to force a 14-year-old to brush their teeth, nor should they have to,” Hagan said. “We try to show teens why they should care in ways they can relate to.”

With adult patients, gum disease prevention is a concern. Many older adults experience issues with dry mouth symptoms, often related to use of medications. Hagan said he also works with these patients on cavity prevention, with efforts specifically related to their needs.

For Hagan, science and medicine have been lifelong interests; he decided to pursue dentistry after his childhood dentist gave him the opportunity to learn more about the dental profession.

He’s been in the Tri-Cities since 2009 and has put down roots in the Kingsport area with his wife, Anna, and 3-year-old son, Anson. He’s enthusiastic about continuing to grow the practice, which accepts several dental insurance plans in addition to offering its own dental care program.

“We pride ourselves on being family-friendly,” he said. “We’ve got patients here that have been patients in the practice for years and years, and now their children and some of their grandchildren are coming to us as well, so we enjoy getting to know the whole family.”

For more information on Hagan Dentistry, you can visit or call the office at 423-239-8021. The practice is located behind the Regions Bank building at 150 Clinic Drive, Suite A, Kingsport, and can also be reached by email at 

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