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Merging South, North unnecessary

September 6th, 2015 12:00 pm by Letters to the Editor

Merging South, North unnecessary

Merging South, North unnecessary

The Mason-Dixon merger (as I call it) between Sullivan South and Sullivan North has an easier, more sensible and much cheaper resolution that shouldn’t affect the kids nearly as much. South and North were both built around 1980. The Kingsport city high school Dobyns-Bennett is admittedly overcrowded, especially after the recent annexations in Indian Springs, Fall Creek, Sullivan Gardens and Colonial Heights — the issue the local county high schools are having is the opposite; it’s lower attendance — mostly because of the city cherry-picking the richer homes and neighborhoods and plucking out the richer kids. Show me one kid that got annexed on a reduced lunch. The other issue is the schools could be modernized, new carpet and equipment, new roofs, etc.

My proposal would be update the interior and exterior and instead of the grades being 9-12, make it 7-12. Both of these schools have the grounds to accommodate growth and were strategically planned. The building of both of those high schools in 1980 made developers very wealthy; Rep. Jimmy Quillen made out like a bandit when his real estate investment paid off. This is what will happen this next go around if someone doesn’t talk some common, logical sense into these public servants and planners. Use the three-month breaks each year to remodel the existing structures. This could be launched responsibly in a few years time and save taxpayers $200 million — easy.

J.S. Moore, Kingsport

Stay until the game is over

Did you know that you are a very important person at the football game each week? You buy tickets, you support our school, you purchase popcorn in the concession stand, and you support our clubs. What I don’t think you realize is that when the team has played as hard as it can for the whole game and there are only a few minutes left, if we are behind and you choose to get up to leave early to beat the crowd, the team sees you.

Stay those extra few minutes to say to the students that we believe in them and the work they have put in for the last year in off-season practices and in the weight room. We live in a town where leaving early and leaving at the game’s end get you home within the same 15 minutes. Support the team all the way and stay to the end. You never know what will happen in that game and what your staying can do for those boys.

Tracey Edwards, Kingsport

How are commissioners liberals?

Stephen V. Vance’s letter Aug. 26 left me a bit confused. Even though I concur with much of what he wrote, the part of his letter that confused me is labeling Sullivan County commissioners as liberal. The words “liberal” and “Democrat” have become synonymous when used by many people. If that was the message Mr. Vance wished to convey, that part of his letter could not be farther from correct.

Twenty-two of the 24 commissioners were elected as Republicans, two as independents and zero as Democrats. To be clear, no candidates ran as Democrats.

Bruce Dotson, Kingsport

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