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Rebel flag incites interstate dustup

September 7th, 2015 4:00 pm by Rain Smith

Rebel flag incites interstate dustup

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of area police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Aug. 31

Police received a tip that a 14-year-old — with both the knowledge and consent of her parents — had driven herself to a residence in a vehicle. But upon an officer's arrival to the scene, she had already departed.

Sept 2.

A van used by a door-to-door meat selling company was reported stolen. One suspect was an employee who had not been heard from in a week, with attempts to reach him by phone proving unsuccessful. He had also, "stolen money from the company before...served five years in prison."

Kingsport Police Department

Aug. 28

A man was transported to the hospital by EMS after suffering a cut to his hand. He told a detective that while outside his residence and talking with two girls, a vehicle stopped in the road. A man then jumped out with "a wild look in his eye." He also wielded a box cutter, which he proceeded to swing at the victim, causing his injury. However, he refused to pursue charges against him.

Dispatch was alerted to a man forcing a woman into a car on Memorial Boulevard. She stated that he got "angry over how she had cooked supper," so she left their residence on foot. He then followed in a vehicle honking the horn, telling her to get in the vehicle. In a parking lot, he allegedly dragged her to the passenger seat and attempted to strap her in. The suspect claimed the woman was under the influence, and he was only trying to get her home. He was arrested for simple assault and false imprisonment.

A large suitcase was found lying outside of a motel on Airport Parkway: "taped up with clear plastic wrap." The police bomb squad was called to check out the suspicious parcel, which was opened following a precautionary X-ray of its contents. They were found to be "a large inverter with a circuit board attached to the top." Believed to have been mistakenly left behind by a guest, it was left at the hotel in case they returned.

Aug. 30

A man called 911 three separate times, naming a woman who was creating a disturbance at a residence. Each time officers responded, the caller was not present, while the female was not being disruptive. A fourth call to dispatch was placed by the woman, stating that the man who had lodged the earlier complaints just broke out a window of her home. Police observed the damage and located the suspect, who denied placing any calls for emergency service. He was arrested for false reporting.

Sept. 1

An officer was dispatched to the corner of East Center and North Eastman Road, where a man claimed to have been attacked several hours earlier. In the incident, a male allegedly hit him in the head and stole a cell phone and credit cards. However, the alleged victim couldn't name the types of credit cards, as he had "received them through the Internet." He also stated that the assault had occurred several hours earlier. He had admittedly waited to call police because he was drunk, had ended up "passing out."

Sept. 2

A woman was arrested on a warrant for aggravated assault. It was related to an incident from early July, when she stabbed her ex-husband in the ear with a fork. The victim, who had to be transported to the hospital by ambulance, offered police a motive: "She's pissed off because I divorced her."

While leaving a city bank, a man encountered his ex-girlfriend in the parking lot. After she opened the door of his car — and boasted, "You've had it now, (expletive)!" — he was punched in the face several times. The suspect was later interviewed and denied the attack, but based on both victim and witness statements, she was arrested for domestic assault.

A man called police to Eastern Star Road, saying the Rebel Flag flying from his vehicle had solicited harassment on I-26. A black passenger of another vehicle allegedly reached out the window — as they were in motion and side-by-side — and attempted to rip the flag away. When that didn't work, a glass bottle was reportedly thrown out of the suspects' car. The complainant provided what he thought was the tag number, but a check of the information came back as not on file.

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