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Anti-immigrant rhetoric unchristian

September 8th, 2015 11:30 am by Letters to the Editor

Anti-immigrant rhetoric unchristian

Anti-immigrant rhetoric unchristian

This election cycle more than any in recent memory has dredged up anti-immigrant sentiments, some of which are made even more disturbing because they come from those who claim to be followers of Christ. A candidate who advocates building a wall along our southern border and ending birthright citizenship enjoys the support of the majority of evangelical Christian voters despite the fact that nothing in his public life until this point has suggested he shares their faith. It is impossible not to conclude that it is the candidate’s position on immigrants that has earned him the support of these voters; after all, these are the only real planks of his policy platform. What else is there to support?

This trend should concern anyone who tries to follow the teachings of Christ. These teachings include an admonition to care for the hungry, the sick, and the stranger. God tells the Hebrews in the books of Exodus and Leviticus that the immigrant is to be treated as a citizen and not oppressed. I was unable to understand how, and why, so many professing Christians can support these policies until my experience visiting a church. The pastor inserted remarks about Islam into the sermon and indicated that he does not differentiate between Muslims — they are all “Islamists.” In the context of the sermon, it seemed clear he was stating all Muslims are evil. How does this experience relate to Christians supporting anti-immigrant policies that are mean-spirited and anti-Christian? If our churches are teaching that other groups of people are evil, it is teaching that they are worth less than we are. Would we build a wall to keep Christ out?

Gail Helt, Bristol

Thanks for Insure Tennessee article

I appreciate the article by Hank Hayes concerning Insure Tennessee. It keeps awareness of the issue before the voters. It demonstrates the challenges that are being faced by the 280,000 individuals who are in the gap and cannot get medical coverage because politics are being played rather than embracing the moral issue of permitting the working poor to have access to medical coverage. The explanations given don’t make sense. Why wait until someone new is president? Lives are at stake.

In Washington County, the new commissioners were elected on two major issues, one being that commissioners would not receive medical coverage because they are part time. Why are state representatives any different?

Edward Wolff, Jonesborough

Political correctness weakens U.S.

When I first read the letter about UT’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion and gender-neutral pronouns, I thought it was a joke. Then I realized it was not April Fool’s. Have we gone completely insane? Are the patients running the asylum? Are the taxpayers of this state paying for the cost of running this university office?

This is a nation of diverse individuals, black, yellow, white, red and many combinations. We come from many backgrounds and represent many different religions or we don’t practice any religion. We have males and females. If people choose not to be what they were born, that is their business. Please do not shove it down our throats. Just let them be who they are without judgement. We can and will get along. Don’t expect us to change how things are done in this great nation to accommodate a minority. It is unity that has made us a great nation. It is unity that has made us successful in all aspects of life. It is unity that has made us the strongest nation in the world. I am so tired of the word “diversity” and the term “political correctness.” The two are weakening the nation. Let us get back to one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all without descending into inane babble.

Virginia Thompson, Kingsport

D-B group brightens neighborhood

The D-B Band Booster Club installed our new flag tonight along with approximately 14 other flags in our Rotherwood Hills neighborhood. This is a service by the club to celebrate six different holidays. They install the flags and after the holiday they take them back down and store them. The cost to the homeowner is small.

It really makes the neighborhood look good, and with all the stupid rallies going on in the nation, it really makes a statement.

Richard Houser, Kingsport

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