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Huckabee showed poor judgment

September 11th, 2015 11:30 am by Letters to the Editor

Huckabee showed poor judgment

Dictator is renaming mountains

Here we go, down the hill. What the majority in this country think about the Constitution does not seem matter to the man that thinks he rules it by proclamation. He renamed a mountain, the highest in North America, which was named after a president that was shot and killed. The president that was assassinated, William McKinley, deserved to be honored. What right does Obama have to take away the honor that satisfied most of the sane people of the U.S.? Now there is talk about renaming the Ronald Reagan Airport. When will this nonsense stop? It won’t be long before he and his actions will cause the country to be renamed the United States Socialist Republic. All the while he was kissing up to a few, he was driving nails into most real Americans’ coffins.

From the cradle to the grave, he will take care of some that do not deserve it while others who were required to pay for Social Security while working and deserve what was promised to them are now threatened with losing a portion of what is owed them through the insurance they paid for. A promise is a promise and a law is a law except when you have a dictator. Maybe the next president will rename anything dedicated to this dictator.

Ralph Struck, Kingsport

Leave Lee’s business to Lee residents

Re. J.T. Wyatt’s letter to the editor, why would anyone that lives in Kingsport or anyone else that is not a resident of Lee County, Va., care about anything concerning Lee County, Va.? If you live in Lee County, Va., and pay tax in Lee County, Va., that’s another issue.

Let Lee County, Va., residents take care of themselves and make their own decisions.

Louise Artrip, Lee County, Va.

Thanks for reunion coverage

On the weekend of August 28-30, history was made in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Alumni from the 15 former African-American high schools from Knoxville to Tri-Cities and into Virginia came together for the first time since the schools closed for integration 50 years ago this summer. With more than 230 participants, it was one of the largest African-American reunions this area has ever seen. Many of the alumni from the different schools had not seen each other in half a century. There were 50-plus years of memories to go through, lots of school rivalries to relive, and friendships that were rekindled. With much laughter, many stories and a few tears, it was indeed a blessed event.

From the Great Golden Gathering 2015 Organizing Committee, we thank the Kingsport Times-News for covering the event and helping to spread the word about the big reunion. Reporter Jessica Fuller did a wonderful job of bringing the excitement of the individual reconnections between alumni, and they welcomed her as part of their extended family. A special thanks to reporter Matt Lane as well. Also, a big thank you to all of the sponsors whose contributions helped the 15 schools’ alumni from near and far have the type of reunion befitting a 50th anniversary. We are perhaps looking forward to the next, hopefully even larger Great Golden Gathering.

Calvin Sneed, Chattanooga

Huckabee showed poor judgment

I am disappointed that candidate Mike Huckabee has defended Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis, who defied court orders and continued to refuse to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples. That was part of the responsibility of her public office in serving the public, and if she felt that she could not do it, she should have resigned.

I support freedom of religion, but one should not hold an office or a job or run a business that requires actions that are against one’s religion. Davis was not just exercising her religious beliefs, she was forcing her religion on others. Having defied a lawful and constitutionally valid court order, Davis is certainly guilty of contempt of court. As much as I admire Huckabee, I will not support his candidacy for president, because I fear that he would let his religious beliefs cloud his judgment.

H. Herren Floyd, Kingsport

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